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Southfield toenail fungus doctor

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Southfield toenail fungus doctor
Southfield toenail fungus doctor

Toenail fungus can be quite unsightly and destructive to your toenails. And, if left untreated it can spread and cause other medical problems. If you have toenail fungus and are looking for a Southfield toenail fungus doctor to provide you with effective treatment, make an appointment to see one of our expert doctors at Family Footcare, P.C.

Family Footcare, P.C. is dedicated to providing outstanding podiatric care and surgical service to our patients. We treat patients of all ages, and are located in the Southfield area. Our state-of-the-art practice allows us to provide effective laser treatment for people who have toenail fungus – an unsightly but treatable condition. Our expert foot doctors are Dr. Milton J. Stern, Dr. Randy K. Kaplan and Dr. Louis Geller. Our patients are happy to know that when they come to see our Southfield toenail fungus doctor that toenail fungus will stand a good chance of becoming a thing of the past. We use the Cutera GenesisPlus Laser to treat foot fungus, and it has a very high cure rate of 60% – 70%. This form of treatment has little to no side effects, and is very desirable to use rather than oral medications which can have adverse effects for your body if they need to be taken over an extended period of time.

When you come see our Southfield toenail fungus doctor for treatment of toenail fungus, the first thing he will do is examine your feet to confirm that you do indeed have this problem. Sometimes toenails look like they have a fungus when they actually do not. There are other diseases, such as psoriasis, that can cause toenails to become wavy, flaky and thick. Sometimes even nail trauma can cause this problem. The only way to definitively determine if you do have a nail fungus is to perform a culture on the nail — however this can cost hundreds. Fungus treated in the earlier stages is much more likely to have a better cure rate. Toenails can be completely removed in an attempt at a cure. However, with the laser treatment the success rate for treatment goes up to 70% if an actual fungus is present, and it will also work to improve the look of freshly grown in nails. Laser treatment is recommended to be given about 6 weeks to 2 months apart. For aggressive fungus nail treatment, a combination of laser treatment, medicine, and nail removal is recommended. If you would like to meet with one of our doctors regarding your problem with toenail fungus, contact our practice for an appointment.

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