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Treating corns and calluses in Southfield

Southfield podiatrist
Southfield podiatrist

It is important that you take care of yourself. Part of taking care of your health involves scheduling and keeping up with annual exams and checkups, but it also involves looking for signs and symptoms as well as following up on any suspicious developments. When it comes to foot health, it is helpful to look at and examine your feet from day to day, especially when it comes to noticing any growths. Growths and irritations such as corns and calluses are common, and they can be challenging to deal with. Here at Family Footcare, P.C. our Southfield podiatrist can help when it comes to treating corns and calluses as well as getting rid of them.

Corns and calluses are similar, but different kinds, of growths that can develop on the skin of the foot. The skin becomes thick and hard in areas where the skin of the foot experiences a significant amount of friction and pressure. These growths are often the result of a combination of how active you are and what kind of shoes that you wear. Over time, corns and calluses can become thick enough to be noticeable whenever you walk or are on your feet, and the added pressure and friction can even be painful at times. In some cases, corns and calluses can be treated by simply reducing the pressure and friction causing the issue. This can be done by applying cushioning to the affected area or simply wearing different shoes. If the condition is mild enough, it will disappear on its own. But if your corn or callus is causing you pain or if you have diabetes, then you will need to see a Southfield podiatrist. Here at Family Footcare, P.C. our doctors can help you effectively remove any corns or calluses that are causing you problems or are at risk of becoming infected due to complications with diabetes.

Corns and calluses can certainly be annoying, but they can also be painful and dangerous. If you need any medical care in the way of removing and treating corns and calluses, then call us here at Family Footcare, P.C. to schedule an appointment with our Southfield podiatrist today.

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