Southfield Neuroma

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Treating Neuromas in Southfield

Southfield Neuroma
Southfield Neuroma

Feet are a very complex organ comprised of a multitude of bones, nerves, tendons, joints, muscles and ligaments all compacted into a relatively small space. These complex little appendages are responsible for holding up and moving the entire weight of the body thousands of times each day. Unfortunately, feet can develop many different types of disorders, some quite painful and debilitating. One such foot ailment we see is Southfield neuroma, which is a nerve irritation that usually involves an enlargement or swelling of the nerve, often the common digital nerve between the third and fourth toes with pain radiating to the toes and the pads of the feet.

Symptoms of Southfield neuroma include pain and a burning sensation. Injury or trauma is thought to be the cause of neuroma, with the injury being either acute, such as hitting the foot or as the result of a more chronic trauma such as irritation from flat feet. The exact cause of the neuroma is often hard to diagnose because the pain may not begin until months after the original trauma that brought on the neuroma. This means that the neuroma has to be treated whenever its symptoms appear instead of early intervention when the injury first occurs.

Our doctors at Family Footcare treat Southfield neuroma in a variety of ways depending on its severity. Our doctors often recommend modifying footwear or even using special footwear. Physical therapy is another treatment approach that can be used to strengthen the foot and relieve the pressure, along with medicated anti-inflammatory injections to bring relief. Surgery in severe cases is used to remove the inflamed section of the nerve. Our doctors are keeping up with new medications and surgical techniques that have recently been developed to treat neuroma. Don’t live with foot pain call our office for an appointment.

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