Podiatry office in Farmington Hills

Podiatry Office in Farmington Hills

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Some wounds are too big for you to reasonably expect them to heal without help. Furthermore, even less imposing ones might need attention if you are suffering from an underlying condition that impeded recovery, or if it simply is taking longer than it should. At Family Footcare, P.C., we’re your specialists for expert wound care.

Your feet are exposed even when you are wearing shoes, in the sense that something heavy could accidentally fall on one of them or you could run into or kick something that leads to breaking skin. So it goes without saying that if you are in open-toed footwear, socks, or barefoot, the chances of potential harm are even more of a concern. Our podiatry office in Farmington Hills addresses problems that are caused by cuts, scrapes, and deep gashes, along with burns or trauma. There are some times when you only have a minor concern and so just cleaning the wound, disinfecting it, and dressing it will be all you need. Unfortunately, you may not be in a position to do so when the situation occurs, and every moment of exposure is a risk for infection. Take care of the injury as soon as you can, but monitor it closely. If you notice anything unusual or healing is too slow, don’t hesitate to come to our podiatry office in Farmington Hills for an examination. Being proactive is a very good idea, because without expert care, you may be susceptible to complications. And if you are diabetic, have neuropathy, or any type of circulatory difficulties, it is vital that you have foot wounds professionally looked at.

Don’t take unnecessary chances with your foot health. Our podiatry office in Farmington Hills is here for all your needs. Even if you’re not certain, it is better to err on the side of safety. Contact us now to arrange a prompt appointment.

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