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Foot Doctor in 48034

Bunions in 48034

Foot doctor in 48034

Foot doctor in 48034

Do you need to see a foot doctor regarding a painful foot problem? There are many common foot problems, such as bunions or ingrown nails that many people choose to put up with rather than see a podiatrist for. This is not a good solution because many foot problems will become more serious if left untreated. Also, why not choose to get foot care so that you can live your life more comfortably? If you would benefit from seeing a foot doctor in 48034, we hope you will make an appointment to see one of our podiatrists at our practice, Family Footcare, P.C.

At Family Footcare, P.C. we have three expert and highly-trained podiatrists. They are Dr. Milton J. Stern, Dr. Randy K. Kaplan, and Dr. Louis Geller. At our foot and ankle care practice we treat a wide range of conditions. However, two of our most common problems to treat are bunions and ingrown nails. A bunion is a foot problem that affects the big toe. It cannot be predicted to what extent the bunion will grow. But you can be sure that bunions may cause pain in certain shoes, and may well become a common place for arthritic changes. It is important to see our foot doctor in 48034 to determine what can be done to alleviate the pain, and possibly keep the bunion from developing further. A predisposition to develop bunions can be genetic, because a person’s foot structure is inherited. The way you walk, and the kind of shoes you wear can also contribute to bunion development. Arthritic conditions can also contribute to bunions, including osteoarthritis rheumatoid arthritis or gout. There are many treatments available for bunions, including many options that do not include surgery. Our podiatrist can help you with shoe modifications, padding, physical therapy or even pain injections.

Our foot doctor in 48034 also sees a lot of patients who have ingrown nails. Ingrown nails are a very common condition of the toes. In this condition, the nail plate is too large for the nail bed; one or more sides presses into the skin. Improper toenail trimming, abnormal nail structure, or injury can all contribute to making this problem worse. The affected toe may look red or have a full-blown infection present. The trick is to prevent the ingrown toenail to keep from progressing to the infections stage by providing proper nail trimming and self-care. However, should a problem occur our podiatrist can generally treat the problem without causing discomfort for the patient. If you see infection, or are experiencing pain, contact our office. Our doctor will not only relieve your foot pain, but keep a larger problem from developing.

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