Foot Specialist in Farmington Hills

Foot Specialist in Farmington Hills

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Morton’s Neuroma in Farmington Hills

Neuroma is a term that refers to nerve damage. Morton’s neuroma is a specific type that affects the feet. Here at Family Footcare, P.C., we’re your specialists for diagnosing and treating this condition, which while potentially painful, is not a threat to the overall health of your foot when it is addressed in a timely fashion.

Unlike other types of ailments and conditions, Morton’s Neuroma is very specific, since it strikes in a small area of your foot: between the third and fourth toes, on the ball of the foot. It’s typical to feel like you have something in your shoe that is digging into your foot. The way that this problem develops is that the tissue which is around those nerves that extend from the foot to the toes becomes thickened. Those more likely to develop Morton’s Neuroma are anyone who runs or jog. And if you have bunions, hammertoe, flat feet, or high arches, you are also at increased risk. Our foot specialist in Farmington Hills also recommends that you evaluate your current shoes. Are they roomy around the toes, and supportive overall? Tight footwear, and those that put extra pressure on the toes, such as high heels, should be avoided for many reasons, one of which is because it is a potential cause of Morton’s Neuroma. The symptoms that would likely bring you in to be seen by our foot specialist in Farmington Hills are sharp pain, stinging, burning, or numbness. Treatment options range from shoe orthotics, such as arch supports, to steroid injections. Surgery is usually not necessary, unless the problem is severe. In the majority of instances, the condition responds well to treatment.

Our foot specialist in Farmington Hills is prepared to help you with the pain and other effects of Morton’s Neuroma. Please contact us to schedule a prompt appointment.

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