Foot Doctor Near Farmington Hills

Foot Doctor Near Farmington Hills

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Wound Care in Farmington Hills

There are a variety of ways in which you can develop a wound on your foot, but if it is a serious one, or even one that is not that bad but has taken a long time to heal, you should seek out the attention that we offer here at Family Footcare, P.C. As a specialist, our foot doctor near Farmington Hills is fully qualified to evaluate the wound and how it’s healing.

Your feet are exceptionally prone to wounds, and that is even true when you are wearing shoes. But when you are in open-toed footwear or barefoot, there is even greater vulnerability. Cuts, scrapes, and burns are known to occur. You could step on something sharp, accidentally bang your foot into a hard object, or a heavy item could fall on it. So there is no doubt that wound are going to arise now and again. And for the majority of them, it will probably be unnecessary to see our foot doctor near Farmington Hills. But in addition to what we mentioned earlier, which is a serious wound, or one that is slow to heal, it is also important to get proper professional care in the event that you have an underlying condition that puts you at risk for sluggish healing, some of which are type 1 and type 2 diabetes, nerve damage, and vascular issues. Our foot doctor near Farmington Hills will examine your wound and suggest potential treatment options to help with recovery.

When your foot wound is not one that you need outside help with, simply clean and disinfect it, and then dress it in a bandage. That should be sufficient. But when it is not, you know you can count on us. So do not hesitate to reach out and set up an appointment.

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