Foot doctor in Farmington Hills

Foot Doctor in Farmington Hills

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Nerve damage anywhere in your body is alarming and requires expert attention. When it strikes your feet, you can turn to us at Family Footcare, P.C. for the skilled and experienced diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment required to promote an optimal outcome.

A neuroma is a type of nerve damage, and Morton’s Neuroma is specific to the foot. While it can affect any part, most commonly it is the ball of the foot or the area between the third and fourth toes that suffer the consequences of it. Typically, you will feel pain, and the pain is likely to be severe. The reason behind this condition is that the nerve becomes compressed or irritated. The tissue around the nerve swells. And it tends to feel as if you’re walking barefoot on something hard. Other symptoms are a burning sensation and/or numbness or tingling. For many people, Morton’s Neuroma becomes so problematic that it makes going about a normal routine difficult or even impossible. Our foot doctor in Farmington Hills wants to prevent that from happening. Among the most common reasons for developing this nerve damage is wearing shoes with high heels, because by their nature they put a lot of extra stress on the areas of the foot most often stricken with Morton’s Neuroma. Bunions and flat feet are also linked to increased risk. After you have been examined thoroughly, our foot doctor in Farmington Hills will determine the best course of action regarding treatment. Regardless of what methods are used, you should most definitely re-evaluate your footwear and be sure that it’s not contributing to the chances of recurring neuromas, Morton’s or otherwise.

Don’t hesitate to seek out the care of our foot doctor in Farmington Hills if you have any of the indications listed above. The sooner you get specialized care, the more quickly you will experience relief.

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