Foot doctor in Farmington Hills

Foot Doctor in Farmington Hills

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Neuromas in Farmington Hills

Foot doctor in Farmington Hills
Foot doctor in Farmington Hills

Pain in general—no matter how mild—is something best not relegated to the irrelevant file of your brain. That includes discomfort in your feet. Left untreated, a tiny discomfort can skyrocket into the kind of crippling shockwave that’ll make you want to stay off your feet the rest of the day. Don’t let it get to that point. See Family Footcare’s amazing foot doctor in Farmington Hills.

Wait, Morton’s neuroma? What is that? Fair questions. Here’s a nutshell answer: it’s a foot condition that might feel oddly familiar to you. Ever had the sensation of having a pebble rolling around inside the bottom of your shoe? Yep, that’s what it is. Of course, that’s only the first of many other symptoms to follow. Morton’s Neuroma is essentially a thickening of tissue that surrounds that nerve around the upper foot and toes. Other common symptoms include: tingling or numbness of the toes, and a burning pain in the ball of the foot that may also radiate into the toes. No need to panic—it’s incredibly easy to treat. The following applies to people who are most predisposed to developing Morton’s neuroma: foot deformities (bunions, hammertoes, and flatfeet), wearing high heels (places extra pressure on the toes and ball of the foot), playing certain sports (high-impact athletic activities such as running). For more information, or if you need treatment, don’t hesitate to contact a professional. Reach out to Family Footcare to finally meet with our foot doctor in Farmington Hills.

Why endure something when you can just get it fixed as soon as possible? Don’t put your body in anymore risk. All you have to do is pick up the phone and dial Family Footcare. Then promptly schedule an appointment to fix that that stride—courtesy of our foot doctor in Farmington Hills. And that’s all there is to it.

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