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Foot doctor in 48034

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South Plainfield ingrown nail doctor

Foot doctor in 48034
Foot doctor in 48034

Our foot doctor in 48034 is dedicated to addressing problems such as bunions and ingrown nails, conditions that can cause pain and make it difficult or even impossible to walk normally. Here at Family Footcare, P.C., you can depend on the high level of skill, experience, and gentle care that we have built our reputation on. Furthermore, we will help you to avoid more bunions and ingrown nails in the future.

Bunions are small, bony protrusions. They form at the base of your big toe, where the joint attaches to the foot. It’s caused when excessive pressure is put on the joint due to improper footwear, the way you walk, or having flat feet. Women tend to suffer with bunions more often because they often wear high heels or shoes that are too tight around the toes. How our foot doctor in 48034 treats your bunion will depend on its severity. Changing to more comfortable shoes might be enough for mild cases. Bunion pads and arch supports help to redistribute the weight on the effected foot. And surgery, though a last resort, might become necessary if the problem persists despite less invasive attempts to correct it.

Ingrown toenails may occur from improper cutting of nails, abnormal nail structure, or an injury to the nail plate. With prompt attention, our foot doctor in 48034 can remedy the situation. Left unaddressed, ingrown nails can cause an infection. While you can prevent ingrown nails with more focused attention to how you trim them, when you actually have one, it’s important not to attempt using anything sharp to treat it yourself. Initial treatment options include antibiotics, disinfectant soaks, and resting the foot. But further attention must be given, including removal of the nail edge that is the root of the problem.

Don’t take your foot health for granted. When your feet are painful, you simply cannot go about your normal routine and even the simplest tasks are challenging to perform. Our foot doctor in 48034 is the expert you should turn to when you experience any difficulties with your feet, ankle, toes, or toenails. Don’t suffer needlessly. Call us.

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