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Ankle sprains in Farmington Hills

Farmington Hills podiatrist
Farmington Hills podiatrist

Ankle sprains require prompt attention so that a bad situation is not made worse. Here at Family Footcare, P.C., our priority is the rapid healing of your ankle, so that you can resume your normal level of activity, free of pain.

Among the most common injuries that our Farmington Hills podiatrist addresses are ankle sprains. And when you include those cases where what was thought to be a sprain of the ligament instead turned out to be a bone fracture or muscle strain, the number goes even higher. It is essential that when you sustain an injury in your ankle, that you make it a point to be seen by our Farmington Hills podiatrist in a timely manner. Putting stress on the joint can only cause further complications. And if you have a hairline bone fracture, it can become a full fracture by continuing to walk on it or worse still, run or jump. In order to reach a definitive diagnosis, x-rays will be taken in addition to a thorough examination of the ankle itself. The appropriate treatment may depend, at least somewhat, on the severity of the injury, but many ankle sprains respond very well to rest, ice, compression, and elevation, or what is known as the RICE method. Rest means simply staying off it to the greatest extent possible, and the use of crutches or a walker to avoid any pressure being put on it. Ice is an ideal approach for dealing with swelling. Compression refers to wrapping the ankle, which we take care of here at our office. It stabilizes the joint as it heals. And if you can, elevate the leg over your head for up to two to three hours per day. Should the ligament be torn, surgery might be needed.

Contact our office right away to book an appointment to have your ankle sprain diagnosed and treated by our Farmington Hills podiatrist.

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