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48334 Flat Feet

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Treating flat feet in 48334

48334 flat feet
48334 flat feet

Flat feet are defined as when the arch, which runs lengthwise across the sole of your foot, is lowered or flattened. It is not always a problem. Some people have 48334 flat feet and suffer no pain or discomfort as a result. But if do, we at Family Footcare, P.C. can help.

You may have flat feet due to genetics. But it is an issue that can affect you even if you don’t have a family history of it. Stroke, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, and various foot injuries can cause you to develop 48334 flat feet. There are risk factors, though, that make it more likely for you to end up with this concern. If you have shoes that don’t fit well or don’t provide sufficient support; spend a lot of time walking, running, jumping, or even just standings; or have sustained sudden weight gain, it is not uncommon for flat feet to occur. Among the ways to address the condition is by switching to more supportive shoes, with good arch support, and that are not too tight. You may also consider using orthotics, or shoe inserts. These helpful additions to your shoes can be made from rubber, plastic, leather, or metal. Our podiatrist will recommend the ones that are most appropriate for you. You will have better balance for your feet and the cushion provided by orthotics will keep you more comfortable, reducing the impact from walking, running, jumping, and other activities. Stretching exercises an also be helpful in the treatment of 48334 flat feet. Only if the methods described do not achieve the required results would surgery be considered as an option. In the majority of cases, it is a situation that can be managed non-invasively.

Don’t put up with feet that hurt. You need them for so much in your daily life. Fortunately, our podiatrist has the solutions for you. Call our office and arrange an appointment to come in.

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