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48301 Flat Feet

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Treating Flat Feet in 48301

48301 Flat Feet
48301 Flat Feet

If you are experiencing pain due to flat feet, you will definitely want to visit us at Family Footcare, P.C. At our podiatry practice, you can be treated for your 48301 flat feet, as well as for other foot care problems.

Some people have flat feet all their lives and are not really bothered by the condition. For other patients, flat feet become extremely painful, and they can even cause other leg and back problems. If this is the case, you will benefit from coming to our podiatry practice for care of your 48301 flat feet. When a person has flat feet, the foot will actually appear as though it is collapsed halfway when a patient is walking or standing. The inside of the foot will touch the ground while you walk. If you have flat feet, you may be complaining about wearing out shoes quickly because of the position at which your foot strikes the ground. When patients have flat feet, symptoms can include fatigue, cramping, bunions, corns, calluses, shin splints, and heel pain. The time to contact our foot doctor about flat feet is if you are experiencing pain. Usually this is the case when flat feet develop over time, and the patient is not born with them. Flat feet can be treated at our office with prescribed orthotics. Our foot doctor can also provide you with foot or ankle supportive devices. When you come to our practice you will be seen by one of our expert doctors, just one of whom is Dr. Milton J. Stern. There are other conservative approaches to treating flat feet. If none of these approaches are successful, our foot doctor may recommend foot surgery for correction of your flat feet and to alleviate foot pain.

For an appointment to be seen by our foot doctor regarding your 48301 flat feet, or for other foot problems, contact us today.

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