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48034 Foot Surgery

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Foot Care in 48034

48034 Foot Surgery
48034 Foot Surgery

At Family Footcare, P.C., foot care and foot surgery is our specialty. Serving patients in the Southfield and surrounding areas, our office is well known for our dedication to patient care and in treating heel pain, diabetic feet, bunions and other foot problems. If you are seeking 48034 foot surgery and need immediate and professional care, call our offices today. Foot pain doesn’t have to take over your life; at Family Footcare we help patients live a pain free lifestyle by managing and eliminating pain and treating foot where needed.

Some of the most common types of foot pain that require surgery are bunions, hammertoes and problems with the metatarsal joints. Bunions cause problems with the big toe joints as they begin to bend and move towards the rest of the toe and deforming. If the bunions seriously interfere with with wearing shoes and cause major discomfort and pain, 48034 foot surgery may be recommended as an option. Bunion surgery can be done in a few hours in office, relieving the pain and discomfort almost immediately afterwards. If bunions are not treated, they can be dealt with by wearing an orthotic shoe, which our doctor can have custom made for you.

Hammer toes are another condition that can cause severe pain and need 48034 foot surgery. Like bunions, the toes can become misaligned and out of joint, bent or clawed. Surgery can help by removing the deformed joint or fusing the phalanges of the toe together, allowing the toe to be more stable. Or, with metatarsal surgery, the joint may become damaged by inflammation, sometimes caused by rheumatoid arthritis. Surgery can be performed to remove the heads of the metatarsal joint to make walking easier and feet more comfortable when wearing shoes, which can cause too much pain if the metatarsal is too bent.

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